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Conference Papers

Conference Paper Given

"The Place of Drawings in the Art of Claude Lorrain (XXth International Congress of the History of Art, New York; NY, 1961)

"Art in Britain, 175p-1850: How did the Artist earn his Living?" (1st Annual Conference of the Association of Art Historians, Glasgow, 1974)

"Interpreting Claude's Compositions" (Claude Lorrain 1600-1682: A -Symposium, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, 1982)

"British Watercolour Painting around 1800" (College Art Association Meeting, Los Angeles, 1985)

"Varieties of Restoration Portraiture" (Seventeenth-Century Art, Literature and Music in Britain, Durham, 1985)

"Reynolds and Landscape Painting" (Sir Joshua Renolds Symposium, Royal Academy, London, 1986)

"British Romantic Artists and the Picturesque" (William Wordsworth and the Age of English Romanticism, Yale University and the University of Indiana, 1987-88)

"Claude Lorrain: A Fresh Look at the Nature Drawings" (French Drawing from the Seventeenth Century, Sackler Museum, Harvard University, 1990)

"British Artists and the Bolognese Ideal" (Il luogo e i1 ruolo della citta di Bologna tra Europa continentale e mediterranea, Colloquio CIHA, Bologna, 1990)